Saturday, March 16, 2013

Frog Place, An Upcoming Virtual World!

Frog Place: A Virtual World I'm Making with Frogs. There will be TONS of features, and it will come in summer. Heres some sneek peaks; 

^ The Main Room
^ Insect Restaurant

^ The Clothes Shoppe
^ The Disco Cove AKA Frogapulco
^ The Spooky Swamp
^ Tree Frog Tree

And More Coming Soon!

Wait....Did you say Puffle Hotel?

I have just got news that Club Penguin is making a Puffle Hotel with a huge poo and stuff. I thought this was a GREAT idea until I saw how small it is....

Welcome to the Frog Blog!

Welcome to the Frog Blog! Here, we talk about Club Penguin, Frog Place, CPPS, and more! Frog Place is my upcoming virtual world. You can learn more info at . Have fun!